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"What’s this? A pile of metal bits and pieces? No! It’s a robot! With no real shapes or creases."

Follow the journey of the most uniquely odd robot, as it searches for a new shape to take. As this robot explores the many fascinating shapes of the world, it will encounter many amazing creatures, designs, and especially numbers! Count along with the robot in this fun, humorous, and heartwarming story. Not only will this book teach children about numbers, but also about Imagination, perspective, and loving one's self, no matter the shape.


'The Shape Of The Robot' was the fourth title we released in 2020, after 'Oscar', 'My Dad The Dork', and 'Zed & Zia: The World of Giants.' Although most of our plains for conventions, galleries, and promotion in 2020 fell through, our initial creative goal was to release four books, and with 'The Robot' this was one goal that we were proudly able to achieve. This book is a return to form, with a simple story that reflects where we started these books. Just a good old counting book with a heartfelt twist.


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The Shape Of A Robot

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