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About us

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"We are two brothers who LOVE to create!
We are currently Writing and Illustrating Children's Books, Sci-fi Graphic Novels, and Gothic Fantasy Novellas." 

"Our goal is to create books that every type of reader can enjoy. We hope to deliver stories that bring excitement, laughter, and imagination to all!"


The Writer

Nathan Harms is an independent writer, musician, husband, and father of one. For many years he has been playing and producing music within Colorado’s flourishing music scene. Once his son was born, he wanted to do something that he could share with him. One day Nathan was talking with his brother and artist, Caleb, and the two would come up with an idea... to create their own children’s book, The Colorless Monster! This would lead to the two making many more books together, from kid's books to full-length novels, and even gothic poetry.

Now, Nathan is writing stories that his son and readers of all ages can enjoy for years to come.

The Artist

Caleb harms is an artist, illustrator, and all-around nerd. He has always had a passion for all forms of visual art and entertainment, including movies, video games, and especially comic books. After taking an interest in the world of comics, Caleb knew he wanted, more than anything, to create his own unique worlds and characters. after several years of study, he started to work with his brother Nathan to create a series of children’s books, filled with adorable and expressive characters. He would also go on to fully Illustrate Nathan's sci-fi novel series, creating hundreds of illustrations for this epic adventure, giving the novels a comic twist to bring the cosmic world to life.

Now Caleb is working to constantly expand these stories to bring creative worlds and colorful characters to readers of all kinds!

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"We have so many ideas and stories to share!

Please have fun and explore what we have to offer.
We hope you will enjoy reading our books as much as we enjoy making them.
Thank you!"

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