"We are two brothers who want to make a new universe of kids stories" 

"Our goal is to create books that teach kids about love, kindness, and fun. we also want to make them just as fun for adults to read, as they are for kids to hear."

The Writer

Nathan Harms is an independent writer, musician, and father of one. He was born and raised in Denver Colorado and has always had a passion for writing, especially when it comes to music. After becoming a father in 2015, he wanted to do something that he could share with his son. Nathan loved to read to him, and one day Nathan was talking with his brother and Illustrator Caleb, and the two would come up with an idea... to make their own children’s books!

Now, Nathan wants to create Stories that his son and kids and parents everywhere can enjoy for years to come.

The Artist

Caleb harms Is an artist and illustrator, and also a native from Denver Colorado. after discovering a passion for comic book art, he went to The Denver Entertainment Art and Design Academy for 4+ years. Since then, Caleb has created CD covers, posters, logos, character designs, and comic books. When discussing a collaboration with his brother, the two would challenge each other to create a character and story the two could truly feel passionate about. That character would become a friendly color eating monster.

Now Caleb wants to create a universe of books with their own unique worlds and characters that will teach and bring joy to anyone who reads them.

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"We have so many adventures in store!

We hope you will enjoy our stories as much as we enjoy making them.

Thank you!"

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