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"My dad is my best buddy, a dork, and a nerd. Who talks about the weirdest things that a kid's ever heard." This book is a special and fun-packed celebration of Pop Culture ...and the Dorky Dads that love it. Boldly go on a heartwarming adventure of a father and child at a convention far, far away, full comics, unique characters, and references as far as the eye can see. Excelsior!!!


We Harms Brothers have both always been nerds at heart, with our love for comic books, movies, and superheroes, and it was at Comic-Con that we first discussed collaborating on a project together. Now, so many years later, we are pleased to present this book that not only celibates the entertainment and community that inspires us, but celebrate how it can bring families and people together.


You can purchase

My Dad The Dork

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