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“There once was a monster devoid of all colors. He was sad and so dull and not like the others.” A young child finds a grey monster in his room. The monster then begins to eat the various colors he finds there, and transforms, becoming bright and colorful. But what happens when the monster eats too many colors?



The Colorless Monster is the passion project of writer and father Nathan Harms and Artist Caleb Harms and the first in a series of children’s books created by these two Harms Brothers.  The story focuses on a grey Monster that is sad about not being bright and colorful like the other monsters. One night he finds his way into the room of a young child and starts to eat all of the colors he finds. In the end, he learns to be happy with who he is. The book is intended to teach children about colors, but also about being happy in your own skin.


" I read this book to my grandkids, and they loved the whole thing. They were very involved with feeling sorry for the Colorless Monster and then were happy that he found some colorful things to eat. They were able to recognize different expressions: sad, mean, angry, happy and also learned different names of colors (periwinkle was a favorite word!) They asked me to read it three I am giving the book a 5-star review! 

-Amazon Buyer.



"Colorful Story from a Colorless Monster! This book not only teaches children about colors but also has a wonderful underlying message. The story follows in the steps of Dr. Seuss and Julia Donaldson, while the artwork brings to life a silly monster trying to fit in, in the world. If Reading Rainbow were still around, Le Var Burton would totally recommend this book... but you don't have to take my word for it."

-Amazon Buyer.


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