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"A fish is a fish, some say, regardless of name. But if you'd met Oscar, you'd see he wasn't the same." "He was happy and playful, and a true inspiration. Not just a fish, but a life remembered in celebration."   Oscar is a colorful rhyming story that aims to help children understand the sensitive process of loss and grief. Although losing someone is one of the most difficult things that everyone must go through, this book helps to share some hope and happiness in how to remember those we lose, and how to let those memories help us heal and live our own lives to the fullest.

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In this story, a young child loses their pet fish, Oscar, and learns to deal with the process by remembering the wonderful life he had. No matter what age we are, we all must learn how to deal with loss. We hope you will enjoy this book with your child and that it helps to honor the lives of the ones we love, Even a fish. 


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